What is the International Baccalaureate

The International Baccalaureate, commonly known as the IB, is a form of study aimed at 16-19-year olds. The most popular programme of study for post-16-year-olds across most of continental Europe, the IB is a great alternative to the A-Level and NVQ courses commonly offered in the United Kingdom. While NVQs tend to focus on technical courses, the IB is similar to A-Levels in that it includes more academic subjects; however it offers students the option to cover a much wider range of subjects than just A-Levels, as the usual number of subjects studied as part of the IB is six.

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Living and Surviving in U.S for a Student

Often termed as a country of immigrants, the United States is a horizon point where all the cultures, nationalities and religions meet.

The United States provides shelter to almost 275 million people, with an area span of around 9 million square kilometers. American culture has been known to respect and share equal life possibilities with every individual from any culture background. Change in place brings a lot of change in living style and living in U.S will treat you with varied landscape, climatic conditions, different lifestyle and culture. All you require to do is to decide upon an university which not only fits in your career aspirations but also whose geographical existence supports your sensibilities and which will require you to put minimum efforts to adapt.

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Education System of U.S.

Every sort of conventional education service, coming after secondary school is considered to be as the post secondary education in the United States.

For all the international aspirants, looking to brush their educational skills in United States, post secondary education can be achieved in the following categories;

1. Associate’s Degree
2. Undergraduate Degree
3. Graduate Education which comprises of master’s and Ph.D

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10 Important Questions and Answers About Your Education

1) Would it be advisable to hire an online or one-on-one basis tutor?

While it is advisable to go with a one-on-one basis tutor, an online tutor can be easier to locate and hire since he/she can communicate with you from any distance. Some qualified tutors aren’t present in the same vicinity, so it would save you a lot of money to pay for the extra fair for commuting. There are disadvantages that come to the fore when hiring an online tutor like, not being able to completely understand what he/she is saying since visual help is limited compared to writing notes and explanations down by the tutor for your understanding. If it is a mathematical based subject or one that requires the use of numbers like physics/chemistry, then you should ideally opt for a one-on-one basis tutor. For theory based subjects under the sun like English, History, Literature, Art and the likes, an online tutor would be apt.

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How Students can Earn Money Online

Its very important for any student to earn money for education, life and entertainments. And there are a lot of way to earn more money working online. At MoneyArticles.net you'll find out the full guide how to earn money online and in our article I'll focus on the most simple and easy ways to earn money online for students.

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How to get TEFL certificate in Spain to teach English

To succeed in today's dynamic, fluid and fierce job market, having practical English communication skills is vital to thrive in a highly competitive and globalized environment. English has evolved from an "elite language" to an integral requirement needed in any successful workforce. In fact, it is estimated that an estimated 2 billion people will be studying English by the year 2020.

While foreign language proficiency is important for leadership abilities in the global workforce, mastering English also represents increased opportunity for success in locally integrated job markets. Spain illustrates this need for mastering English to succeed in an extremely aggressive labour market. With a high unemployment rate at about 20% or roughly about six million people looking for work, it is not surprising that this ferocious environment demands proficiency in a foreign language to stand out among the hundreds if not thousands of job applicants vying for one position.

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Which are the top MBA universities in the USA?

Which are the top MBA universities in the USA?

While choosing the best business school to go with, it is always wise to do a little research for the top MBA programs available before selecting a place that best suits a candidate’s needs. Each one has its own distinct faculty that caters to a variety of students from all over the world, seeking a place in the market that guarantees a professionally successful career set in stone. Let’s take a look at which universities are currently making it big in offering the best MBA programs and placements in the USA.

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What are the different kinds of MBA programs available for candidates?

Choosing an MBA program that qualifies in every aspect of an applicant’s expectations is crucial, since one doesn’t want to be backtracking or regretting the choice made. Here are the different kinds of MBA programs available for the taking:

a) Executive: This MBA program caters to those who have at least 10 years of work experience, and is the most highly qualified kind of program amongst the others. They’re completed on a part-time basis where students are allowed to continue working whilst attending classes to suit their schedule. This kind of MBA program is meant for those looking to go up the ladder of success especially if on an international or executive scale.

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How should a student choose an MBA program?

A candidate must first decide whether he/she wants to do a full-time/part-time/executive/online/accelerated MBA program, before getting into the nitty-gritty details of what each one outlines. Before making a conscious choice the following points must be considered:

a) Way of Teaching: There are different ways in which a class can be conducted during an MBA class. There’s the experimental learning kind, where the candidate gets a full-blown, interactive experience in the world of business, then there’s the lecture-style class where professors teach a group of students within a four-walled enclosed classroom seen evident in many traditional business universities, there’s also the case study model method if that piques a student’s interest to learn in this desired style.

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How can teachers create homework questions that test a student’s intellectuality?

Teachers must understand that in order to garner a response that is positive from students, homework must not only be for the purpose of assigning it, but to spark something within a student. The reason why students are so good at particular subjects is because their interest has been nurtured from day one in school. Over time that interest plays a vital role in helping students pick a subject that they can work towards and pursue as a possible future career.

School is where it all begins, where if a student lacks the interest, the subject will take a permanent backseat as the years at school lapse. Teachers should choose questions that require practical approaches, imagery, or heavy research. In this way, the student covers all possible grounds of a subject, while also being introduced to visual aid like web videos, presentations, and documentaries which will throw into the dull mix, a great dollop of intrigue.

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